The Past

What exactly is the past? The past is something that has occurred previously in your life. So often we find it hard to get pass the past things in our lives and it brings about depression, anxiety and stress.  

When we allow our past to creep into our present, it can and will alter your future. That’s why we must be mindful of where we stand at this present time in our lives.  

Maybe you recently got out of a bad relationship and you are thinking about dating again. That’s what you should do, but don’t bring that last relationship into your present one. When you carry over baggage it causes us to be weighed down and we have no room for the present things.  We won’t be able to enjoy the good things or the good times in this new relationship because you’ll always worry about what the last person did to you. 

So how do we leave the past where it is?  I’m glad you asked!  You move forward as if your life has just begun and there is no past. The more you continue to move forward, the farther away you become from it and therefore it becomes non beneficial to your present state.  

The past is filled with lessons well learned, some good and some bad. Let those lessons be the guide you use to navigate through the present but don’t get stuck on the road to your past.  

Your past is behind you so don’t look back because you’re not heading in that direction.  


Be Blessed! 


M Renee Washington