Nobody Cares Anyway!!

You know I get it. We go through things in our lives and these things often times leave us feeling alone, rejected, devastated, and most times feeling like nobody cares.  

We feel like we’re the only ones that have gone through this, and we spend a lot of time trying to make people understand what we’ve gone through. We try to make them see what we see and feel what we feel. But we fail at it every time. We find ourselves making the statement “Nobody Cares” about what I’m going through or what I’m feeling. 

Newsflash!! Truth be told it doesn’t matter what people think or feel about what we’ve gone through. We have to realize that nobody is going to hold our hand and walk us through this. Why, because nobody cares anyway.  

They care about how we handle the situations we face, because most likely they’re going through something themselves. All they care about is the end result of how we got through it. 

So while we’re  sitting there having a pity party we must remember that life goes on and nobody cares anyway. 

I tell people all the time, that my time is valuable. If you want to talk about how to move forward I’m all in, but if you’re just talking to get me to feel sorry and you reject everything that I say, guess what. You guessed it, I don’t care!

The things we go through in life are lessons that we all have to learn and pass the test for ourselves. So what if nobody understands. It only matters if you do, because you’re the only one that can do something about it. So when you get to that place and realize that no one is listening to you anymore, remember Nobody Cares Anyway!

Pick yourself up and move on. There is so much ahead of you that the past can’t even compare to where you’re going. Care enough about yourself til if no one ever says I understand what you’re going through, that it doesn’t matter to you. It only matters how you go and grow through it.  

So remember these words “Nobody Cares Anyway”, but You!! 

Be Blessed!