Enough Is Enough

Its been a while since we’ve talked last. I promised that I wouldn’t stay away, but life just keeps happening. I’ve been battling some things lately and I’m at my wits end with it all. Life can be overwhelming at times and it makes you want to give up and throw in the towel.  I sit here at 3 am writing this blog with chest pains that I’ve never had and to top it off I can’t sleep. 😴

I know the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy whatever or whomever he can. One thing that I’ve learned throughout this faith journey is that you must remain faithful to what you believe in. The enemy knows when we’re not suited up and he hits us in those places that we left exposed.  

I had to wake myself out of the slumber I was in to realize I have some giants in my life that need to be brought down.  Anger, confusion, frustration, lies, discord and many other giants have been at work. A watchman pays attention to what’s going on inside and outside of the gates.  This time my eyes were wide shut.

Many times we see things coming from afar and yet we don’t want to accept that trouble is heading our way.  What kind of watchman does that?  I have learned the error of my ways and now I see the destruction that comes about when we leave our post unattended and when we refuse to face the giants. 

So today I’ve decided that Enough is Enough!  Im taking back everything the enemy stole from me.  

1. Joy

2. Peace

3. Love

4. Marriage

5. Children

6. Finances

7. Ministry

I have had enough!  It’s time for some strategic planning. I’ve got some giants to slay and although it may seem impossible to do, I will let the Word be my guide.  These giants don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here.  Bye bye you’re not welcomed here! You don’t live here anymore.  It’s time to clean house and get rid of all of the residue and stench they’ve left behind.  Let the cleansing and slaying begin!

I will be blogging this experience, each day I will post a strategy that I’m using along with supporting scriptures. I speak victory over my family and yours too, we are not a defeated foe!

Be Blessed!